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Coach Parry

"Our U14 team was packed with returning players and individuals with rep experience.  Going into the season, expectations of developing a culture of winning were set high by players, coaches and parents / guardians.  However, early in the season it was evident that the team lacked basketball fundamentals and the culture of playing as a team.  Through rebuilding how we practiced and our mental approach to the game, our mission was to get individual players focused on developing a team approach to the game and developing fundamentals on both the defensive and offensive side of the court.  Midway through the season, everyone began buying into playing the game as a team over individual success.  As practices became tougher both physically and mentally, the boys stepped up under pressure and we began to see significant progress in effort and basic basketball fundamentals.  The boys had high hopes running into the final third of the season, but we are very proud of their hard work and dedication to becoming better individual players and a better overall team throughout the season.  We would like to thank all the players for their hard work and the parents / guardians for their continued support and encouragement throughout the season."

Coach Parry

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